God’s Book

God is very practical. Without a written source of authority, one person’s opinion about the meaning and purpose of life, and about ultimate human destiny, would be just as valid as the next person’s, and it would be very difficult for anyone to find the truth among countless competing theories.

So God gave us a book (actually a user’s manual) with unmistakable evidence of divine authorship.

This section examines that book – the Bible – to see if it can be trusted. Attention in this section is focused not on what the Bible says about life, but on whether or not there’s adequate evidence to believe it really IS God’s message to us.

Questions answered in this section:
  • Is the Bible the actual words of God, or does it just contain some words from God?
  • Where’s the original Bible? When was it written, on what, and in what language?
  • Who physically wrote the Bible? Did God dictate, or move hands, or...?
  • How can anyone know for certain whether or not the Bible is really God’s book?
  • What other books claim to be written by God?
  • If there’s so much evidence for the Bible, why doesn’t everyone believe it?