God’s World

What is life all about? Every intelligent person asks that question from time to time. But most people die before discovering the answer; not because there is no answer, but because they don’t take time to carefully investigate.

Most people are so busy with little issues that they never get to the biggest issue of all – the reason for our existence!

This section is for people who dare to entertain big thoughts. It’s for people who have the feeling that they may be missing something important, who suspect that there may be a whole exciting dimension of life they have not yet found.

The nine topics in this section result primarily from an inquiring thought process, based on personal observation, plus some clues from the Bible.

Questions answered in this section:
  • What are the most important questions a person can ever ask about himself?
  • Did the world ‘just happen’ or is it part of a design plan?
  • Can anyone prove that God exists?
  • Is any belief about God good enough as long as it’s sincere?
  • What are the essential differences between science, theology and religion?
  • What are the three basic parts of every human being?
  • What is sin? What’s the very worst sin a person can commit?
  • What’s the key to our happiness?
  • How can we know if God is personal or impersonal?