Good News

There are countless views on how man can implore the help of God and/or avoid the wrath of God. Every religion has its own dogmas. To the casual reader, this resource may seem like just another display of dogmas. But to the reader who will stop and think – really THINK – he’ll see that this site is merely a spotlight on the Bible, which has already been shown to be God’s book (see Topic 26).

The big theme of the Bible is the Gospel; the Good News. When this powerful concept is understood, it’ll jump out of nearly every page in the Bible.

This incredible Good News, and how we can benefit from it, is examined in detail in this section.

Questions answered in this section:
  • What is new life in Christ? What do we have to do to get it?
  • Does a person have to clean up his life before he can have a relationship with God? What happens if we don’t accept Christ now?
  • Why did Christ have to die? Wasn’t there some other way? Is Jesus Christ just one of many ways to God?
  • Do we have to confess sin? What happens if we don’t?
  • If Christ died for the sins of the whole world, why do we have to do anything at all? What happens if a person dies before he decides if he wants Jesus Christ?
  • Do we really have a choice or has God already determined our destiny?