God’s Self Disclosure

People have always speculated about what God is like and have devised every kind of theory imaginable. But the only reliable information is what God says about himself.

Topics 18-26 show that the Bible is God’s book while Topics 27-38 provide a broad overview.

In Topics 39-52, we examine the Bible in detail to learn specifically about God’s function and character; how he wants to relate to us.

Questions answered in this section:
  • What does God mean when he says he created us in his own image?
  • What is the trinity? What are differences between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Does God have children?
  • Why does God have different names? What are the primary attributes of God? If God is holy, why does he allow evil?
  • If God is love, why does he allow suffering? If God is just, why does he allow injustice?
  • Does God send people to heaven and hell? Who will go to heaven? Who to hell? What is the gospel?
  • Is Christianity just another religion? Is the Holy Spirit an ‘it’ or a ‘he?’
  • How much free will does God give us?