People’s Beliefs

Religion is a powerful force in shaping the lives of individuals and nations. It’s often the key to understanding motives and behavior. Yet, most people are ignorant of what other people believe about meaning and destiny of life.

Religion is usually regarded as private and mysterious. Few questions are asked, and therefore most people know practically nothing about the deepest hopes and fears of people with different religious perspectives.

There’s much we can learn from observation and discussion with people regarding their religious faith. Sometimes what we learn is the bondage, emptiness and futility of religion.

This section gives a brief overview of the world’s major religions, together with statistics showing how many people embrace each view of life. The section concludes with three test methods for determining truth.

Questions answered in this section:
  • What are the major world religions today, and how big are they?
  • Is the percentage of Christians in the world increasing or decreasing?
  • What’s the difference between ‘cultural Christianity’ and ‘biblical Christianity?’
  • How many Roman Catholics are there in the world today? How many protestants?
  • Who’s Allah? Muhammad? What’s the Qur’an? How does one become a Muslim?
  • Is Buddha God? What did Buddha teach?
  • What do Hindus and Buddhists believe about reincarnation? What’s Nirvana?
  • What kind of religion is New Age?
  • What are some of the most common reasons atheists give for not believing in God?
  • Are there proof methods for testing the validity of spiritual belief?