Personal Decision

A person cannot become a Christian by family heritage, baptism or good works.

A person can become a Christian only by an act of faith – accepting Jesus Christ as Savior – and this requires a personal decision.

Just as biological life begins with a ‘birth,’ so does spiritual life. It’s explained in this section.

Questions answered in this section:
  • What are the reasons for becoming a Christian? How does one become a Christian?
  • What’s the purpose of baptism? How and when should it be done?
  • Does a person lose his personality and freedom after becoming a Christian? Does accepting Jesus Christ as savior make a person more emotional?
  • What’s speaking in tongues? Can a Christian lose his salvation?
  • How can anyone know for sure whether or not he’s a real Christian? When a person sins, does he have to accept Christ all over again?
  • Do we have a second chance to become a Christian after we die?